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Pip 10-Jul-20 06:48 PM
GaiaMC uses a built in war system within towny, widely known as Event War. This system has war toggle every weekend. In order to join war, you must enemy a nation with /n enemy add (example /n enemy add Italy), and the opposing nation must do the same to you. Then, war is declared. During a war, the goal is to attack your opponents’ plots. Normal plots have 60 HP, Homeblocks have 120. Standing in an enemy plot during war will lower the health The more blocks you take, the larger your score and the more towny spoils you get by the end of the war. By knocking out all of a town’s chunks, you can annex the town into your nation completely. If you don’t wish to fight during war, that’s fine. Putting 200 gold in your town bank will keep you safe during both days. 100 will be taken out on Saturday for neutrality, and 100 on Sunday. Don’t worry about griefing or stealing. Your enemies can not steal or grief your towns during war. Knocking out towns and nations from war and killing enemies will add to your score. When war is over, you will be rewarded with gold based on your score. Additionally, if you manage to kill an enemy player during war, they are sent to your jail until their town is annexed or the war is over. Useful Commands: /n deposit 200: Can be used to become neutral /n toggle Neutral: Use the cash deposited in your nation to declare neutrality for 24 hours /towny war hud: Shows you into on your town and nation’s score /towny war participants page 1: Shows you the nations participating in the war and their scores. Additionally: Deleting your town/nation to bypass a war/annexation is against the rules and will be viewed as cheating. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.
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