Hey there!

I'm Polyzium, often called just Poly. I'm a computer nerd and I mostly do software development, mostly for my own pleasure. I also do CGI stuff (sometimes SVGs).
Nothing to see here except for archives and bio, for now.

Turns out my new ISP put me behind a NAT and I have to use my friend Raov's dedi server.
I've been thinking of doing a sort of revamp of my personal webpage, but I have no ideas... so uncreative
Meanwhile, enjoy the rest what this page has.

Own dedi server update

For my new upcoming projects I finally got around setting up a dedi server of my own, the same one I used before I got drafted into the goddamn military.
Now, it's currently running some small daemons and nothing else, and I'm currently too lazy to move over my stuff from Raov's to mine. This is mostly intended to be a backup solution if shit goes totally haywire.
I also use it to offload some tasks. Maybe I'll repurpose it to something else in the future, idk, especially now that I have to deal with this SELinux bullshit.

The disappearance

On 10th of December 2020 I was unexpectedly been abducted into the compulsory military service, where I spent a year of suffering. During that time, somewhere closer to the New Year, my parents moved into a new apartment, therefore plugging off the server and taking it with them.

Now arriving back home, year later, my domain has expired and I have no funds to maintain it. I'm currently working full-time to get some so I can continue hosting.


GaiaMC Discord server archive | HTML version

My stance regarding the Russia-Ukraine war

I do not support this war. Nobody wants this war. Even military draftees don't want it. It's pointless, considering Ukraine was a part of the USSR.
Now I can't get computer parts, I can't pay with my phone, I can't pay for services abroad, I can't do ANYTHING I was able to do! This sucks!


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